Jack York

Senior Associate

In the 35 years since Jack began his career as a financial advisor, there have been many changes to the global financial landscape: major market shifts, economic booms and busts, and profound technological advances. What has remained constant throughout these times of change is Jack's commitment to helping his clients meet their financial goals.

Jack serves individuals and families, with a focus on assisting clients who are retired or nearing retirement—a critical inflection point in their financial lives. Typically, these clients have a healthy retirement savings, but they may need a strategy that blends a variety of investment products to help them maximize their retirement income. Planning for key risks, including market risk, inflation risk and longevity risk, is a first-order responsibility for Jack, who leverages his experience and sophisticated technology to understand, measure and help mitigate these risks.

Jack is an invaluable asset to the Harvey Investment Management, Inc. team as Senior Associate. In addition, he also manages his own practice of York Asset Management, Inc., and is a founding advisor of Resolute Independent Advisors, LLC.

After graduating from Western State College with a degree in Business Administration, Jack began his career as a financial advisor. For the past 35 years, he has enjoyed helping clients reach and maintain their financial goals.

Jack and his wife, Ellen, are outdoor enthusiasts, and regularly take advantage of the great hiking trails and snowshoeing available in Colorado. When he is away from the office, Jack's true passion is upland bird hunting with his two English Setters. He serves as a board member for Cheyenne Village, a non-profit organization serving adults with developmental disabilities.