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Hybrid Investment Solution

We have compiled several frequently asked questions for our emerging clients using our hybrid investing solution. Click on any of the sections below to find the corresponding answer. For our established and qualified clients, we have created a separate FAQ document that covers many of the frequent questions we receive from them.

If you can’t find the answer to your questions below or want more information about our hybrid investing solution, please feel free to email or call our office at 719.960.0970.


It is an automated investment management platform designed to help advisors deliver their personalized portfolio management services and knowledge in an automated, online client experience.

It provides a streamlined, paperless new account opening process for clients, while automating portfolio management tasks like rebalancing or the optional tax-loss harvesting capability. Additionally, many advisors lower their typical account minimum requirements for opening an account using the automated investment platform.


  • Contact us at Harvey@RIAgroups.com and let us know you are interested in opening a hybrid investing account.
  • A team member will then contact and direct you to the Schwab IIP website, as well as provide the code to get you started. If you wish, they can then co-browse the site with you to help with any questions.
  • While on the Schwab IIP website, you will answer 12 questions about your goals, time horizon and risk profile.
  • You will then receive your Harvey Investment Management advisor’s portfolio recommendation based on your answers.
  • Once you accept this recommendation, you will then open and fund an account online with the Custodian (Charles Schwab), where your funds will be held.
  • After your account is opened, you will receive an email from Harvey Investment Management, Inc. with links to some documents to sign, authorizing us to work with you.
  • Investment of your account will begin pending your investment advisor’s final selection of your portfolio.

Yes. Although Schwab requires $5,000 to begin investing, because we offer more to our hybrid investing clients than the traditional automated solutions, we require at least $25,000 to open an account.


Unlike most automated investing platforms, our hybrid investing solution clients receive the same actively managed automated portfolios that our traditional investors enjoy.

Yes. While filling out the online assessment, you will decide how much you want to invest to get started and the monthly amount you’d like to contribute.

Yes. Upon completion of the investor profile questionnaire, you will receive your advisor-designed portfolio. At this point, you can move the portfolio one step in either direction. However, the advisor has final approval of the portfolio and can move you into any portfolio the advisor selects for you.

The advisor must approve the portfolio selection for a client. The advisor can move a client into another portfolio at the advisor’s discretion.

Through the website and mobile app, you can view real-time balances and performance to date of your investments. Due to this availability, you will not receive any quarterly or year-end performance reports.

Yes. All investments involve some degree of risk, and each saving and investing product has different levels of risk and returns. The Securities and Exchange Commission has additional information about risk and investments available on their Investor.gov website.

We have created a Financial Glossary with commonly-used terms to aid in educating the public about investing principles. In addition, we have a blog that contains more financial educational materials.

Based upon your answers to the Schwab assessment, our advisors will put together an investment portfolio for you.

No. This platform is different than the services traditionally offered by financial advisors. After your assessment is complete, they will suggest a portfolio strategy for you which includes placing your funds into ETFs.

Investors utilizing this automated, online client experience will have their funds placed in exchange-traded funds, or ETFs.


We separate the investment advisor from the custodian to help protect your funds. We have hired Charles Schwab to hold your funds for you.

Clients will receive automated emails after the advisor has completed certain activities for their clients’ accounts, including when the advisor:

  • Completes the portfolio review for a new account.
  • Completes the portfolio review in response to client updating his or her answers in the Investor Profile Questionnaire.
  • Proactively makes changes to a client’s existing portfolio.

  • Yes. To roll over an old 401(k), clients should select "Rollover IRA" as the account type and choose "Transfer from an outside retirement account" when they get to the funding method step.
  • Next, you can contact your plan administrator to complete the direct rollover of your plan assets.

No. The system is designed to be paperless. However, you can check your account balances 24/7 by logging into your Schwab account.

If you have questions about your Institutional Intelligent Portfolios account, you can contact either your advisor via phone at 719.960.0968 or a Schwab professional, who is available 24/7 via phone at 877-805-3399

The advisors have the primary fiduciary duty to clients enrolled in Institutional Intelligent Portfolios. These duties include constructing portfolios, determining the appropriateness of the program for each client, selecting a portfolio for each client, and monitoring ongoing suitability of the platform for their clients, all in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.