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First time working with a financial manager?
Or just looking for someone different?

Whether this is your first time working with a wealth manager, or you have been working with one but are looking for a change, it is normal to have some apprehension when making decisions about what to do with your money, and whom to trust.

We act as our clients’ fiduciary

At Harvey Investment Management, Inc., (HIM) we follow the fiduciary standard. This means that we have a legal responsibility to put our clients’ interests above our own when providing financial advice. Material conflicts of interest are disclosed to our clients and we are transparent about our fees. As we are not part of a large wirehouse company that creates financial products and do not offer products that pay a commission, our clients know we are giving them objective and impartial financial advice.

We help our clients address their comprehensive wealth management needs through tailored plans that lead to action. We actively monitor the markets and make adjustments regularly based on economic cycles and life events. To further help protect and manage our clients’ assets, we have partnered with a broker-dealer and third-party custodian.  

Our clients who have elected to use our more traditional service models may expect the following:

Our Process

Initial Discovery Call

  • Once you contact us, we will quickly strive to find out how we can help meet your financial needs via an initial discovery call with a member of our team. During that call, we’ll ask you questions about your financial situation, goals, family and lifestyle. We’ll also answer questions you may have about working with our team and what you can expect, should you choose to become a client of Harvey Investment Managment, Inc.
Initial Discovery Call

Working Together

  • After we have decided to work together, we will ask you for specific information to begin the account opening process. For example, (similar to opening a traditional bank account), we will ask for your full name, date of birth, social security number and a copy of your drivers’ license. We will then take this information and open an account with a third party custodian on your behalf.
Working Together
  • Depending on the types of accounts you wish to open, we may also ask for copies of other paperwork, including statements such as: bank accounts, 401ks, investment accounts, car loans, mortgages, and school loans.
  • We will ask you to sign these forms:
    • Automated Client Account Transfer (ACAT) form, which authorizes your current asset custodian to transfer your funds into your new custodian’s account
    • Client Account Agreement – this form gives us a limited power of attorney to:
      1. change assets in your new account, based upon the strategies discussed
      2. allow us to charge our fee for asset management services.

Asset Transfer

  • We are often asked how long it typically takes for one custodian to transfer assets to another. Unfortunately, there is no standard timeline for this – it depends on your financial institution’s timelines. We, like you, are in a holding pattern until we get confirmation that your funds have transferred into our custodian’s account.
Asset Transfer
  • Once we receive notification that your funds have been transferred into our custodian’s account, we can begin changing and managing your portfolio, based upon our previous discussion. We will notify you of the fund transfer and discuss the recommended asset allocations.

We understand the trust our clients place in us and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with thorough, personalized investment advice.

Do you have less than $250,000 to invest?
Automated Investing Solutions

For our Emerging Investors and clients who have elected to use our hybrid automated investing solution, you will interact primarily with technology to open and fund your account. We have associates on board to help walk you through the process, should you need it. For more information about opening an automated online account, please see our Hybrid Investing Solution FAQs.

What do we expect from our clients?
Investor Rights and Responsibilities

We strongly believe that both the team members of Harvey Investment Management, Inc. and our clients have certain rights and responsibilities to each other in order to have a positive working relationship.