Why Him Why Him

We understand that you have an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to working with a wealth advisor. We appreciate that year after year, our clients choose to follow our advice; we take our responsibility to continue delivering extraordinary service to them very seriously.

What can our clients expect?



     BE DONE”

Our Mission

All that we do is grounded in one, ultimate objective: helping our clients achieve their goals. Doing so requires understanding each client and providing them with thorough, personalized investment advice. Each client’s portfolio is tailored to their specific needs and tolerances. We select only the investments we find to be appropriate for that client and his or her objectives.


Our clients are comforted in knowing that we put them first – we operate as fiduciaries, which means that we have a legal obligation to act in their best interest. This also means that we offer impartial advice, and unlike many financial advisors, we are not bound by the limitations of a traditional wirehouse. Instead, we offer personalized financial advice and make recommendations specific to each clients’ individual needs.

The Next Generation of Wealth Advisory Services

Because we’ve moved away from the aged wirehouse model, our clients reap the benefits. These include competitive pricing, expanded research via enhanced technology, and a more a diverse selection of products and Service Offerings. We carefully chose our service providers to assist us in providing expanded market research, comprehensive reporting, compliance and full custody of assets.


We disclose material conflicts of interest to our clients and are transparent in our fee structure – our clients know precisely what and how much they are charged. We monitor the portfolios and adjust them regularly based on economic cycles and life events. Like our famed President Ronald Reagan, at Harvey Investment Management, Inc., we believe “It CAN Be Done”. We work tirelessly to develop comprehensive plans for each client that integrate their investments, financial objectives, and philanthropic goals.

Investment Strategy

Our portfolio construction is grounded in both academically-supported and empirical analysis. We then combine that analysis with judicious capital market strategy and investment selection; we believe in the use of both active and passive investment selection. We strive to position portfolios that will provide solid returns within appropriate levels of risk.

Working with Us

Not sure yet? We understand. The decisions that you make now about your finances will have large repercussions for your wealth in the future. We would love to meet with you to discuss whether we are a good fit in helping you achieve your financial goals. Please contact us at HIM@RIAGroups.com or 719.960.0968 if you would like to learn more about how the differences at Harvey Investment Management, Inc. can benefit your bottom line.