We strongly support women learning how to manage their finances.

Our goal is to help educate women of all ages about financial concepts, no matter their experience or knowledge. While some may be intimidated initially, they want to increase their confidence in handling their financial lives. Often, women face unexpected losses or changes in their lives that dramatically impact their finances. Our goal is to help them through these transitions smoothly. We want them to know they don’t have to go through it alone.


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Does This Describe You?

  • I want to feel more confident in my investments.

  • I would like to become more financially savvy this year.

  • I want to figure out how to retire early or turn my life goals into reality.

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Did you know that we have articles, blog posts and videos to further educate clients and future clients on investing principles?

Women's Seminar Topics

We encourage your questions about financial matters and would love to hear your ideas about future seminar topics. Either call or email us your ideas. If you would rather discuss your questions one on one, please contact us at 719.960.0969 or Harvey@RIAgroups.com.

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