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Harvey Investment Management, Inc. (HIM) is comprised of a team of caring, dedicated financial professionals led by Brad Harvey.

We have been working together for many years and take a team-based approach to providing our clients personalized financial advice tailored to their particular needs and goals.


Where Passion, Client Advocacy, and Holistic Focus
Drive our Clients' Success
Brad Harvey, JD, CFP, CIMA


  • Average of 25 years’ experience in the financial industry
  • Currently Managing over $250M in Assets
  • 2019: Nominated “Best Financial Advisor in the Springs”
  • Fee Based Advisory Practice

“Wealth management & serving my clients is my calling, not my fallback plan”

-Brad Harvey


When Brad Harvey set out to create the team at Harvey Investment Management, Inc., he knew he wanted to assemble a group of diversely talented people who also shared his vision of how to offer professional wealth management at a higher level of client service and advocacy.

Who Can You Trust?

There are so many players in the financial management space these days, with various levels of training, and it can be hard to figure out whom to trust. With both his law degree and his advanced financial credentials, Brad holds himself and every member of his team to a strict standard of serving all clients honorably — putting the clients’ interests first.

We Know You Have Worked Hard, and We Want to Help Protect You

Brad and his entire team want to protect people from falling victim to predatory advice, as they have all witnessed this happen too often over the years. Whether you’ve worked with an advisor in the past who doesn’t have enough training to serve competently, an advisor who receives hidden commissions to sell certain products, or someone has offered you an investment opportunity with hidden catches, no one at HIM wants to see anyone lose any piece of the legacy they’ve been working so hard to build.

We Understand the Power and Value of Financial Education

Brad believes we, as a society, do ourselves a disservice by not providing better financial education to our younger generations through our educational system. The HIM team wants to fill that gap by helping to serve, educate and empower people in managing their finances.

We Don’t Forget the People Behind the Numbers

Whether you are running your own business or managing family finances is beginning to feel just as complicated, you can trust the team at HIM to help, because as much as we monitor the markets, we never forget the people behind the numbers. We understand that it is your money, after all.

What We Do

At Harvey Investment Management, our advisors bring an average of twenty-five years' financial industry experience and manage more than $250 million in assets for our clients. We keep pace with the latest technological advancements both because we want to serve our clients with updated research, and also because we are passionate about our work. We offer services ranging from estate and financial planning, lending solutions, family office and private banking, investment management, philanthropic strategy and planning, and tax consulting. To learn more about how we help our clients, please visit the pages linked below.

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