2020 Market Summary

2020 will go down in history for the coronavirus pandemic and the havoc it wreaked on our economy and in our lives. It started with a bang – the economy was looking great, unemployment was low, corporate profitability was getting better, the markets stronger and stronger. In March, things started...

Should I Consider ESG Investing?

Have you heard of ESG investing? Does it make sense to incorporate this into your overall investment mix? Watch to learn more of the pros and cons of ESG investing....

Are You Investing Aggressively Enough?

How do you know if it's time to refinance your mortgage? Refinancing certainly involves additional costs, so that is one of many items to take into account. Watch episode 18 to find out more questions you should ask prior to deciding to refinance your mortgage...

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Are 'free trades' really free? Join Brad as he explains how the free trades you may see advertised usually are anything but free. Learn what to watch out for when looking to purchase equity trades...

Is it Time to Refinance My Mortgage?

Watch this episode to learn how to know if you are investing aggressively enough. While the amount of financial risk you take is a personal choice, this video explains some of the reasons why you may or may not want to increase the risk in your portfolio...

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